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    Yup. The Gin Whore.

    The Gin Whore - Katherine O'Neil

    Katherine O'Neil (Her mother is delighted)

    Kate's been in the drinks industry almost 15 years. (Gosh she doesn’t look old enough!). Having presided over a mobile cocktail bar company (before EVERYONE had one), serving martinis to everyone from Jeremy Kyle, to the Rolling Stones, lost corporate souls and even the odd Prime Minister. Now Kate’s day job is drinks marketing events, having sold tickets to over 45,000 experiences - but being a Gin Whore is her real calling. Engrossed in the History of Gin, with tips on everything from where to get the best martinis, to how to please your ‘clients’ and cooking with Gin; her passion is educating about all things juniper.

    But isn’t that a little risqué???

    Yes, but as Kate keeps reminding her Mother, it’s all grounded in historical fact. At the height of the Gin Craze of 1750, in London, 1 in 4 women prostituted themselves to fuel their gin addiction.

    Progress of a Woman of Pleasure - The Gin Whore

    ‘Progress of a Woman of Pleasure’ 1794, shows a servant descend into alcoholism, prostitution and destitution, “heart sick at disappointment from all your Friends, and you stupefy yourself with Gin.”























  • Mixing Sin & Tonic...

    The Gin Whore Tour

    Historical tales of hooch & harlots, paired with the very best gins, in this slightly naughty one woman show.

    The 90 minute show covers the History of Gin, from it's origins in Genever to the modern Gin renaissance. With tales of famous hookers and their links to this juniper flavoured spirit. Exploring the production of Gin - including historical styles and modern techniques, including a tasting of 4 gins, paired with 2 tonics. There'll be tips on becoming a modern Gin Whore - from where to drink, to the trouble you’ll have dating and how to become a professional ‘Old Tom’.


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    The Gin Whore's Guide to Entertaining...

    A book of the best tips for entertaining with gin; cocktails, cookery & clients, plus more stories of the whores & distillers who came before us.

  • The Gin Whore Tour Review Broadway Baby

    ☆☆☆☆☆ "Light-hearted, humorous & highly entertaining little gin jaunt. . . Bold as a beefeater, gutsy as gunpowder, cool as an iceberg and happy as a hawker, Kate did a diamond delivery. "

    Richard Beck, Broadway Baby

    The Gin Whore Review

    "Hilarious & charming the Gin Whore takes spirits appreciation to new levels of enjoyment. Arguably the most fun you can have with a full glass in your hand!"

    Dr. Brooke Magnanti - AKA Belle de Jour

    ☆☆☆☆ "the most interesting part – besides the gins – was the social history linking gin with prostitution."

    Johanna Makelainen, Broadway Baby

    ☆☆☆☆"With an ever changing selection of gins on offer and a fascinating collection of facts and stories, The Gin Whore Tour is an excellent way to spend an evening."

    Frodo Allan, Broadway Baby

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    Cocktails, Bars, Cooking, Harlots & Hooch.

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    2017年4月10日 · The Gin Whore,Edinburgh Fringe,Gin Cocktails
    The Gin Whore The Gin Who? Yes, my name is Kate O'Neil and I am The Gin Whore. Having spent over fifteen years working in the drinks industry serving cocktails to everyone from Jeremy Kyle, the Rolling Stones and even the odd Prime Minister, The Gin Whore is my nom de plume. The Gin Whore,...
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    I often say choosing a favourite gin is like choosing between my children (which is why I don't have any) - What's your desert island gin & why? Minus 33 of course! (I can be biased right?) I spent over a year designing the recipe so I feel like it is my child and I wouldn't want to leave my...
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