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10 Edinburgh Festival Facts

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1. The Edinburgh International Festival was launched in 1947.

A post war 'platform for the flowering of the human spirit'.

2. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival was founded by gatecrashers....

8 theatre companies gatecrashed the 1947 International Festival to perform on 'the fringe'. It was formed to be an 'open access arts event, that accommodates anyone with a story to tell'.

3. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the largest arts festival in the world.

In 2015 some 2,290,000 tickets were sold.

Edinburgh Fringe Gin Tasting

4. The 2016 Fringe Guide is 400 x A4 pages!

Access it online here!

5. The Edinburgh Festival contributes £260 million to the Scottish economy.

And the equivalent of over 5000 full time jobs.

6. Performers come from over 48 countries.

Including, Tago: a mixture of Korean traditional instruments, varying from gigantic drums to small percussion with a hint of martial arts.

7. 294 venues host shows.

In 2016 dates are 5 - 29 August. See the map here.

8. Comedy will make up 34% of shows.

9. Music makes up 15% of shows.

We can't wait to see Jamie MacDougall.

10. There will be 50, 266 performances.

Of 3,269 shows, including 1,731 premieres of which The Gin Whore Tour is one!

Get tickets to The Gin Whore Tour - enjoy tasting 4 gins & plenty of giggles at a venue near you!