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Blueberry G&T Pancakes

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Serves 4


For the batter:

1.5 mugs plain flour,

1 egg beaten,

1/2 mug milk,

1/2 mug tonic water,

100ml Gin,

Handful Blueberries,

Butter for Frying.

For the sauce: (We CHEATED)

Blackberry Patch' Blueberry Syrup from Marks and Spencers,

Add Gin to Taste.

To Decorate:

Greek Youghurt,




Combine the batter ingredients, adding the tonic last, so as not to beat out the bubbles. Melt the butter and cook the batter for a couple of minutes on each side - using a ladel to create equal sized pancakes. Mix the gin and blueberry syrup (yes we could have made our own but this convenient gift was super tasty). Decorate pancakes with blueberries, Greek yoghurt, a squeeze of lime!

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