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Ginterview: Beth-Anne Thomas

Senior Canadian Brand Manager - William Grant & Sons Cocktail Brands




















· Gin Marketing,Hendricks Gin,Scottish Gin

Do you have a favourite Gin Botanical? (Yes. Really.)

OF COURSE I DO! Firstly, I am a mega fan of Hendrick's Gin (truthfully, I was before WG&S hired me, and I love working on this wonderfully peculiar and unusual tipple!). While Juniper is always the backbone to most gin bouquets, and a need-to-have, I am whisked away by the refreshing and delectable cucumber essence that is all Hendrick's.

Which gin has your favourite packaging? How important is this?

Packaging....Ahhh yes....Well, there's this marvelous and peculiar bottle out there that is dark, mysterious, apothecary-esque, Victorian in spirit and downright splendid...what was it called again? Ah, yes. Hendrick's!

Hendricks Gin Bottle

Do you have a preferred tonic?

I actually prefer to make my own! Homemade, handcrafted and delightful! When not making my own, because there is not always time for that, I do enjoy Fever-Tree!

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What's your favourite food to pair with gin?

CUCUMBERS! No, really. It's true. By the slice!

Hendricks & Tonic

How did you get into the Gin industry?

In a very long and round about way...many years ago...the moves, the roles, the travel, the connections, all fatefully led to this fabulous role looking after some of the most fun and delectable spirits in the world! I am quite grateful for the position I am in and the many wondrous travels, tales and tipples It took to get here.

What do you love most about your job?

The people! I love sharing a drink, a story, an experience. Whether I am doing a Marketing plan, Forecasting, PR, an event, or any of the other marketing functions in my job, it is the people who really truly make it worthwhile for me.

And the worst bits?

Nothing is really that bad, is it? Hey, I work in what I feel is the best industry in the world. A little elbow grease here and there, for the bigger picture...yeah, I'm into it!

What advice do you have for aspiring Gin professionals?

Always have a gin-tastic day. Anything less, would be uncivilized. Ok, but for real, follow your dreams and follow your nose! They seem to take you in the right direction. And, if you like rose and may lead you right to the delightful Hendrick's gin!

If you aren't drinking Gin what is your tipple?

I do love a good dram of Single Malt Scotch! Hands down a super-fan of the Glenfiddich 15 Year Old. Pair with a piece of dark chocolate...heavenly.

Beth-Anne Thomas, Glenfiddich

Where can I send readers to find you online?

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