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Cooking with Gin: Smoked Salmon & Gin Vinaigrette

on an open Rye sandwich...

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Scottish Smoked Salmon,

Mini Mozzarella Balls,

Flowering Sprouts,



Rye Bread,

For the Vinaigrette: 

2 Tablespoons Gin, 

3 Tablespoons Rapeseed Oil, 

1 Tablespoon White Wine Vinegar, 




Take your chilled Smoked Salmon - I chose one with a dill coating - and lay over the Rye bread, scattering with sprout leaves, cress, sliced radish and torn mozzarella. Vigorously shake the vinaigrette and drizzle plentifully over the top !

The Gin came through very well in the vinaigrette, I recommend a citrusy gin to add extra freshness, perfect salad dressing!

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Smoked Salmon and Gin Vinaigrette
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