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#Edfringe: Agent of Influence: The Secret Life of Pamela More

Lady Pamela More (played by Rebecca Dunn), Socialite. Fashion

Columnist. Spy.





















· Undercover Pam,The Connaught Hotel,Edinburgh Fringe

The play is about me, a socialite who is persuaded by MI5 to spy on Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson. I’m terribly well-connected, quick-witted and entertaining. Who doesn’t like a good spy thriller about fascist kings?

Which performers have inspired you & how?

Jean Harlow, Claudette Colbert, Bette Davis. They have the ability to be stylish while funny. Like me.

I often say choosing a favourite gin is like choosing between my children (which is why I don't have any) - What's your desert island gin & why?

Booths London Dry, why anything else?

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I have many different favourite bars depending on the occasion.

What's your favourite venue for: A. A Dry Martini & Date Night?

B. A Red Snapper (Gin Bloody Mary) & Brunch? C. Gin & a party?

A) The America Bar at the Savoy.

B) Brunch? How crass and American. Maybe breakfast and a Red Snapper at the Ritz.

C) Café Royal on Regent St.

The Green Bar, Hotel Cafe Royal

Why Edfringe? What's the best bits?

It’s the best place to see and be seen. (Like having a box at the opera.) Dressing up, hobnobbing with delightful thespians, rapturous applause.

Tell me about your show and why people should come and see it?

How did you get into performing?

My dear friend Noel Coward was over for dinner one night. We had a few singalongs and by the end of the evening he absolutely insisted I was born for the stage.

Lady Pamela More

What do you love most about performing?

Having an audience in the palm of my hand.

And the worst bits?

Frankly, it’s exhausting!

Do you have any recommended reads for performers?

Dramatic Opinions by the renowned Mrs. Kendal is absolutely essential if you want to tread the boards. Sarah Sigal, a darling friend of mine, is about to publish Writing in Collaborative Theatre-Making---a fantastic read for all you devisers out there.


What are your Edfringe / Performing goals?

To bring some much-needed glamour to the city of Edinburgh. (One can only wear tartan so many times.) To help people distinguish between fascists and fashionistas. And I would say climb Arthur’s Seat, but nothing in my wardrobe goes with climbing boots.

What advice do you have for aspiring Edfringe Performers ?

Buy yourself a decent mackintosh. Make sure you’re surrounded by a jolly good entourage. Go easy on the gin.

If you were a gin or a gin cocktail which would you be and why?

A White Lady, of course. Delicate, classic and sophisticated.

If you could share a Dry Martini with anyone who would it be?

Lee Miller. Vogue photographer and war correspondent. Tromped across Europe with the US Army with not a hair out of place. Also Diana Barnato. Aviatrix and DeBeers heiress. Goes dancing until all hours and flies Spitfires at the crack of dawn.

Agent of Influence, the secret life of Pamela More.

What's your pet Edfringe hate?

People accosting me with flyers when it’s quite obvious they won’t fit in my Chanel clutch!

If you aren't drinking Gin what is your tipple?

Bubbles are always nice, a little Pol Roger never goes amiss, or maybe a little of the Connaught’s Hine Early-Landed cognac.

Any other pearls of wisdom or Edfringe rants?

Pearls? Yes, always wear pearls. But never after 8 o’clock.

Where else can I send our readers to find you online?

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @UndercoverPam, darlings!

What's the dates & venue for your Edfringe Show?

4th - 28th August (not 15th) at 2.40pm at Underbelly Cowgate. BUY TICKETS HERE.

Get tickets to The Gin Whore Tour - enjoy tasting 4 gins & plenty of giggles at a venue near you!