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#Edfringe: No Horizon the Musical

Max Reid, Producer

· Edfringe,Edinburgh Festival,Yorkshire Gin

Tell me about your No Horizon and why people should come and see it?

If you wish to laugh, cry and be inspired then this new musical is for you. It is based upon the true but forgotten story of a blind boy who had to fight against the odds. Chris Evans coined the description of the show as "Yorkshire's Les Mis" and Elaine Paige said "One to look out for". 

Set against the backdrop of Yorkshire's earthiness to the dreaming spires of Cambridge, how will it end? Will prejudice prevent his courage to succeed in a time before Braille? And will love cement or crucify his justified destiny? The true story of Nicholas Saunderson, the forgotten genius who fought all the way to be recognised.

No Horizon the Musical, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Which performers have inspired you & how?

Sir Ken Branagh for his tenacity, Dame Judi for her Yorkshire grit.

I often say choosing a favourite gin is like choosing between my children (which is why I don't have any) -

What's your desert island gin & why?

Masons Yorkshire Gin

Mason's Yorkshire Gin and our show #YorkshireLesMis is the connection plus it is #YorkshireDay today too!

Yorkshire Day

I have many different favourite bars depending on the occasion. What's your favourite for: 

A. A Dry Martini & Date Night?

B. A Red Snapper (Gin Bloody Mary & Brunch? C. Gin & a party?

That's easy:

A) Chaophraya, Castle St, Edinburgh, for Dry Martini and Date Night.

B) Doctors, Forrest Road, Edinburgh, for A Red Snapper and Brunch.

C) Gin and a party? : both above plus Tapame on Teviot Place, Edinburgh.

Why Edfringe? What's the best bits?

The mix of all the different acts. Plus looking forward to the special treat on the Mercat Stage on Friday 5th and Monday 8th both slots at 7.15pm! Its a surprise!

What do you love most about performing?

I look up to all the younger people in the cast who are just amazing. There's 20 of us!

And the worst bits?

The build up to the start and when the nerves get going. Once they reach the peak, then you know its your turn to go on and the time is right! Gin is only allowed AFTER the show.

What are your Edfringe / Performing goals?

To find someone that can help us take it to the next stage and assist in developing the work.

What advice do you have for aspiring Edfringe Performers ?

Think twice before you embark. It's a big thing and can take over your life. Which can be a good and a bad thing. Look out for what you ask may get it.

If you were a gin or a gin cocktail which would you be and why?

The Saunderson Spirit......named after the determined young fellow in our show.

What's your pet Edfringe hate?

I have yet to find the tree with free money to help me finance our stay in Edinburgh. In the meantime, Santander will have to suffice.

If you aren't drinking Gin what is your tipple?


Any other pearls of wisdom or Edfringe rants?

Just enjoy it and embrace the shows.

Where else can I send our readers to find you online?

What's the dates & venue for your Edfringe Show?

3 to 27 August (not 16) : 5pm (ends 6.25pm) Cow Barn , Med Quad, Underbelly. BUY TICKETS to No Horizon here.

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