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#Edfringe: The Inevitable Heartbreak Of Gavin Plimsole

Kezia & Rich, SharkLegs Creative Team.











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Tell me about 'The Inevitable Heartbreak Of Gavin Plimsole' and why people should come and see it?

Gavin has been hoarding his heartbeats in the shed at the bottom of his garden, but he may not have enough left so he will need to borrow some of yours. We measure the audiences heartbeats during the show and project the individual heart rates onto Gavin's shed. The heartbeats are then used to change how the show is created infront of you, influencing choices of scenes and outcomes for Gavin. It is about exploring the choices we make and how we can make your heart race....

'The Inevitable Heartbreak Of Gavin Plimsole

Which performers have inspired you & how?

Kermit the Frog has it all, a true triple threat - singing, dancing, catching flies. We really feel his best work was Bob Cratchett.

We find inspiration in how expressive he can be without eyebrows. James Thierree is an incredible performer - the beauty and expressiveness of his visual metaphors is constantly surprising and illuminating.

I often say choosing a favourite gin is like choosing between my children (which is why I don't have any) - What's your desert island gin & why?

K: Little Bird for me, pink grapefruit is amazing for me hiding from the sunshine under a huge hat. With a fan.

Little Bird Gin

R: Richard likes gin. All gin. Where is the gin? Can I build a sand castle?

Why Edfringe? What's the best bits?

We won the Les Enfants Terribles Award with the show back in February and that gave us the opportunity and support to come this year. The best bits are always meeting the other amazing and brilliant artists and industry people, usually at midnight, trying to find the entrance to THAT new immersive show, which is definitely just here, is this the show? Am I now in the show? Are you the show?

How did you get into performing?

R: When I was growing up in a small nowhere in Wales I saw a piece of theatre that had AstroTurf on the stage (like, actual grass, on the ACTUAL stage(!), I mean on it. Grass on the stage!?). This blew my mind and I immediately set out to discover what topiary (amongst other things) could be put on stage. It's this search for things I've never seen before that has driven me forwards in my career.

K: My story is less fern-based, but still touches me to this day. I remember seeing Complicite's 'Mnemonic" when I was a teenager and didn't breath for an hour and half - since then I have wanted to dramatically-asphyxiate audiences the world over.

What do you love most about performing?

R: What I love most is that shared moment that's created between the performer and the audience. The mutual understanding that something is happening right now and wouldn't be, if either of us decided to leave.


And the worst bits?

The crippling realisation that by pretending to be someone else, you are the most honest and exposed you can ever be...

Do you have any recommended reads for performers?

Books. Read all and any books. Things that make you think. Things that interest you. Reading is good. Read the books. (Terry Pratchett is good too...)

What are your Edfringe / Performing goals?

We would sell all of our future-babies to be on the "Sold Out" board. That glorious bastion of "Sold Out" glory looks judging lay at us every time we walk into the Pleasance Dome.

What advice do you have for aspiring Edfringe Performers ?

Enjoy it. It's so easy to get caught up in the "drama-Rama" and madness of the fringe - but have a crackin' time and look back afterwards and say: "Yep, nailed it"

If you were a gin or a gin cocktail which would you be and why?

A London Fog - because we are mysterious and damp... And also hide Jack the Ripper...

If you could share a Dry Martini with anyone who would it be?

R: I would share a few Dry Martinis with SpiderMan and I would get him so drunk he couldn't web his way home... Then I would unleash my evil plans to take over the world and SpiderMan would be too hungover to stop me! *MWA HA HA*.

What's your pet Edfringe hate?

The infamous Red Wash lighting to signify anything from violence to mild disagreement to love.

If you aren't drinking Gin what is your tipple?

K: Old Fashioned - warm, sweet and an Ertha Kitt song, what more could you want?

R: I was promised gin. Where is the gin? There should be gin.

Where can I send readers to find you online?

What's the dates & venue for your Edfringe Show?

3-29 August (not 16th) at 13.40 and we are at the Pleasance 10 Dome. BUY TICKETS HERE.

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